Ashley Boldin

Systems Entrepreneur, Informaticist, Data Strategist

Hi! I’m Ashley and I help people think differently with data. I believe that together we can design change and improve the health and lives of everyone in our community.

To accomplish this, I am running for Hennepin County Commissioner in District 3. This includes much of Downtown Minneapolis, Southwest Minneapolis, and the entire city of St. Louis Park.

My nearly 20 year career spans Public Safety, Public Health & Healthcare, Social Services, and Innovation in roles ranging from sales, marketing, and finance to data, technology, and startups.

This cross-sector, multi-function experience has equipped me with the ability to empathize with and convene the diverse stakeholders needed to enable transformational change in our government and communities.

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county commissioner as chief health strategist

I believe that the Hennepin County Commissioner position has the capacity and capability of innovating the Chief Health Strategist role in the Public Health 3.0 model.
The social determinants of health that we have used to shape programs and practices for people are performance indicators for our systems.
Policies are our systems drivers and, coupled with practice, shape inequity and outcomes. We can positively impact health by connecting these systems and policies to community characteristics and aligning population health outcomes.
We must also take into account the broader environment and the impacts of the digital revolution which offers opportunities for new ways of thinking to navigate the changing landscape and to achieve our aims.
This necessitates convening and partnering across multiple sectors while leveraging data and resources in innovative ways to positively impact the social, environmental, and economic conditions that affect health and health equity.
ready to invest in designing change?
Vote for me on Tues Nov 8, 2022 and together we can make progress.
Strategy & Design Matter

A brilliant solution to the wrong problem can be worse than no solution at all

– Donald Norman

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public health 3.0

Answering the call to create a 21st Century Public Health Infrastructure with disruptive design, informatics, and a social determinants of health lens.

my guiding principles


If it ends with people, it begins with people


progress moves at the speed of trust


help helps, but investments transform


if you have the data, you have the duty


Averages mean something, but they aren’t individual experiences.


movement without measurement isn’t necessarily progress


initiative over idea


curious not furious

hennepin county has the mandate & the Big Budget

Hennepin County has the second largest government budget in the state of Minnesota (only behind the state of Minnesota). Health & Human Services has the majority share of the county budget.

Hennepin County service lines include the Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC), Hennepin Health (medical assistance insurance), the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Dept, 911 & EMS Services, our Shelter System and housing supports, Libraries, and transportation and road maintenance.

stability first

Unsheltered Homelessness is a public health issue

Housing & jobs are a part of the response, not the primary driver. A major priority is uncoupling our unsheltered homeless response from the housing system and providing population health management services and supports.

The open government data movement

  • Increases transparency & accountability
  • Promotes progress & innovation
  • Develops trust & credibility
  • Encourages public education & enagement

questions & answers

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